Results - Adult events (Kidstri results here) (2012-2017 results)


Uckfield Triathlon/ Duathlon - 28th April 2019 - FINAL RESULTS (pdf)
Mayfield Triathlon /Duathlon
- 26th May 2019 - FINAL RESULTS (pdf)
Ardingly White Bird Triathlon/Duathlon
- 2nd June 2019 -FINAL RESULTS (pdf)
SWIM the LAKE - 19th June 2019 - FINAL RESULTS (pdf)

Ringmer Triathlon/Duathlon -18th August 2019 - Final Results  Prize Winners  
Uckfield Triathlon/ Duathlon (Autum) - 1st Sept. - Final Results. (posted 01/09 12:23hrs)

Brit Tri. Age Group Categories for info


Uckfield Spring Triathlon - 22nd April RESULTS ,PRIZE WINNERS (pdf)
Crowborough Triathlon - 3rd May 2018,  RESULTS , RESULTS by GENDER,
Mayfield Triathlon - 27th May, RESULTS
Ardingly White Bird Triathlon - 3rd June, RESULTS
Ardingly - Swim the Lake - 13th June
Ringmer Triathlon 19th August- RESULTS
Uckfield Autumn Triathlon - 9th September

Brit Tri. Age Group Categories

Results to 2017-2012 here

Ardingly Tri Prize


Ardingly reservoir swim


Hay Heath Tri Cycle


Hay Heath Tri runners